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You’ve worked hard to grow your wealth. We’re here to help you protect it and pass it on to those you love most.

How We Help

Estate settlement is more than simply signing and filing your will with the court. It’s a comprehensive, detailed process that articulates your intentions in passing your assets down to beneficiaries in a way that provides comfort in challenging times and assistance navigating the uncertainty of milestones ahead. Working alongside your CPA and attorney, your fiduciary at Adelphi Trust Company guides you at every step to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Estate Planning Services:

Estate Planning Documents:

Estate Planning Services:
  • Estate Plan Review
  • Estate Settlement Services
  • Guardianship Services
  • Specialty Assets
  • Legacy Planning

Estate Planning Documents:
  • Wills
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Living Will & Advanced Medical Directive
  • Marshall and safeguard assets
  • Review investment portfolio
  • Collaborate with your attorney and accountant
  • Secure property and work with real estate professionals
  • Oversight and transfer of tangible personal property
  • Pay bills and creditors
  • Make distributions
  • Filing necessary tax returns
  • Fund any resulting trusts

Let Your Legacy
Have a Lasting Impact

Keeping Your Estate Intact

Maximize your wealth by minimizing taxes to leave your loved ones with the assurance they’ll be taken care of.

The Right Referral, Every Time

We work with your legal team as your trusted advisor to ensure your estate plan is designed to accomplish your goals.

Carrying Out
Your Exact Wishes

Let Adelphi Trust Company ease the management of your legal and financial affairs to ensure your estate plan reflects your wishes and the legacy you hope to leave behind. Navigate complex estate laws and lessen the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time with proactive planning.


After spending decades of your life working and accumulating assets, an estate plan can ensure that wealth is preserved for your enjoyment and future generations as it passes on to your beneficiaries without a complicated and time-consuming legal process.

Probate is the legal analysis and process of settling an estate that occurs after someone passes away and may include paying off debts before distributing assets among beneficiaries. It can be a long and complex court-supervised process during a difficult time for families. Creating a trust and estate plan can help avoid probate.

You should review your estate planning documents (will, trust, health care surrogate, durable power of attorney and living will) every three to five years. In just a few short years, major milestones can occur in life that can require you to make important decisions regarding your health care, enjoying your retirement years, and providing for those you care about.

Below are some life events that may trigger a review and possible update to your estate planning documents:

Death or Incapacity: If a key person in your trust dies, an amendment may be necessary. Review your trust to determine whether an alternate is identified or if you need to appoint someone capable of accomplishing those responsibilities.

Divorce: If you or one of your beneficiaries divorces or gets married, you may need to change some of your estate planning documents.

Birth of Child or Grandchild: Addition of children or grandchildren to the family may also inspire you to change how you intend to distribute your assets at death.

Child becomes an Adult: When your child or grandchild hits the age of majority or maturity level, it may require a change in your documents.

Financial Change: If your financial situation changes for any reason, you may need to conduct additional planning. For example, if you sell a business, buy a business, or inherit funds.


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