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Plan for the future, protect what matters, and prepare the next generation of your legacy.

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Adelphi Trust Company provides you with an experienced, trusted fiduciary skilled in settling estates of all complexities including unique assets such as real estate, artwork, and closely held businesses. As your trustee, we provide you and your beneficiaries the advice and responsiveness appropriate to protect your intentions and legacy. Delight in the life you’ve built with the peace of mind that you’re well taken care of.

  • Trust Administration
  • Trust & Estate Settlements
  • Agent for Trustee
  • Custodial Services
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Special Need Trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Life Insurance Trusts
  • Directed Trusts
  • IRAs

A Dedicated Partner
for Every Need

Protecting Wealth, Preserving Legacies

Safeguard the results of your life’s work for you and your heirs through major life events while keeping your legacy intact for generations to come.

Expert Knowledge and Resources

At Adelphi, we have over a century of combined legal and fiduciary experience helping families and organizations like yours establish goals and implement solutions.

Collaborative, Empowering Partner

Find a true ally to guide and support your beneficiaries throughout their life with prudent, long-term advice.

Enjoy Today, Protect Tomorrow

Maintain the lifestyle you enjoy and plan for a retirement you’ll love with the peace of mind that comes with our undivided loyalty.

Your Best Interests
at Heart

You can count on us to provide clarity in complex situations, prioritize your unique goals, and balance the best interests of both grantor and beneficiaries.


Establishing a trust can be beneficial for anyone who would like to ensure that their assets are distributed in a specific way to someone or an organization in case of an unexpected life event or transition.  Anyone who has specific estate planning goals including charitable giving, tax reduction or ensuring your assets are protected for future generations will benefit from forming and funding a trust.

A trust reduces the time it takes for beneficiaries to receive their distributions, helps minimize taxes, ensures more privacy upon death, and improves the process of transferring money. It also allows a grantor to provide specific instructions on when and how assets should be distributed.

A corporate trustee is a non-partial and experienced professional with the resources to fulfill the requirements of your intentions and the respective state’s probate and estate laws efficiently and effectively.   For nearly every complex and multi-generational trust, a corporate trustee is the best choice to protect individuals from potential conflicts of interest while serving as trustee and helps maintain harmony among family members.

Whether you select an individual or corporate trustee, look for experience in managing different types of trusts and assets with specialized knowledge of trust management and administration.  Being able to serve effectively as an objective third party is invaluable.


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