A Lifelong Partner
to Build Your Wealth

Serving the current and next generation of wealth with practical plans designed for growth, resilience, and impact.

How We Help

Develop a customized financial plan that’s aligned with your values and designed to preserve and grow your wealth. As part of our comprehensive wealth and investment management services, the credentialed experts at Adelphi Trust Company provide reasoned, objective investment guidance, tax-smart strategies designed to help you keep what you earned, a seamless path to wealth transfer down the road, and proactive planning for every milestone in life.

Guiding Your
Personal Wealth Journey

Making Your Wealth Work For You

Allocate your assets for optimal growth so you can meet your personal financial goals while considering the value of your business.

Prepared from Every Angle

Create a personalized plan to protect you and your family from possible contingencies as you approach and move into retirement.

Building a Legacy of Stewardship

Tap into a trusted, experienced source of knowledge to limit your liability and ensure good stewardship of your nonprofit’s investments.

Empowered Partnerships

Feel confident in your inherited or earned wealth with a reassuring partner to educate and guide your growth while mitigating risk throughout your life.

Reassurance Throughout Retirement

Gain the security that comes with access to objective, empowering guidance to navigate major life events and enjoy the retirement you’ve earned.

Your Financial Goals,
Our Expertise

At Adelphi Trust Company, we provide straightforward tools and access to unbiased, expert advisors, including investment managers, to create a wealth strategy aligned with your values and a portfolio that reflects your goals.


Wealth management is an umbrella term that includes financial planning services such as investment management, financial advice, tax minimization, retirement planning, and risk management. Investment management refers to the allocation and handling of financial assets to maximize benefit while mitigating risk and often includes both short-term and long-term plans to meet investing goals.

For anyone who falls into a higher-net-worth category, with liquid assets over $250,000, a wealth manager may be able to help make the most of your wealth. Alternatively, anyone with an active investment portfolio or anyone interested in creating one may benefit from an investment manager to increase ROI while minimizing risk.

The primary difference between a financial advisor and a wealth manager is the clients they serve and the level of wealth they manage. In this sense, wealth managers are a sub-category of financial advisors that focus on clients with a higher net worth and, often, more complex or uncommon assets.


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